Satilla Retreat

My family + friends just returned from an incredible retreat at Satilla Retreat in Woodbine, GA. 

Our time at Satilla Retreat exceeded all my expectations. Every detail, meticulously considered and prayed over, contributed to an extraordinary experience. AJ & Christine possess a remarkable gift, elevating hospitality to a level previously unseen by me. The entire house exudes a Christ-centered atmosphere in every corner. Departing after two nights, we found ourselves already envisioning a return with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Satilla is truly a gift – it invigorated, rejuvenated, and uplifted our spirits in ways beyond measure!

Satilla is a unique destination in coastal Georgia offering a serene, Christ-centered experience for individuals, families, and groups. Make sure to keep Satilla on your radar! 




  • Bridget Burton

    Thanks for sharing! I’d love to get our family to come out …. need to be more purposefully seeking Jesus. He’s here. We just need to do our part, recognize him.

  • Christine Fenske

    Hi Megan! We just saw this & it is SO incredibly kind! Thank you very much!!

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