Wonder Reveal Book (IMPERFECT)

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What's the catch? Well, we've identified a few imperfections in this batch:
Twisting Pens: Some of the pens twist in the wrong direction.
Reveal Page Alignment: The reveal page on some books is off by a centimeter or two on certain pages.
Scuffs: Applying too much pressure with the pens can cause slight scuffing on the reveal layer.
Page Stickiness: Closing the book while it's wet may cause pages to stick together.
But here's the good news – we've already taken steps to fix these in our next batch! 

Color with water, let dry & use again!!

Featuring six Bible story illustrations that you can “reveal” together with a refillable water pen, our His Kids Wonder Reveal Book walks your children through the stories of God's faithfulness in the lives of His people. No matter how impossible the task seemed to be or how dangerous the situation was, God was always in control, just as He is today.  

  • No Mess
  • Comes with water pen 
  • 6 Bible Story Illustrations
  • Hands-on, screen-free play
  • Ships in 1-5 business days 


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